Tis the Season to…Regift?

I am okay with regifting. I may have even gotten one or two regifts this holiday season. And while I did not give a regift, I would have if I had one to give.

giftIf you open a gift and you immediately think that someone you know would like it a hell of a lot more than you, what is the harm in regifting? They say it is the thought that counts. And if your thought is of somebody else when you open a gift, that is what counts.

Suppose, however, that you receive a gift you do not want and when you open it you cannot think of anyone who would appreciate it? That is okay too. If I got a gift I felt nobody I know would enjoy (including me), I would just donate it to some worthwhile cause. Somebody spent time making that item and somebody will enjoy receiving that item. And if you cannot figure out who that is, it is not because the item is unwanted, it is because you do not know enough people. So, give it away and let the universe get it to where it is meant to be.

Donating to charity—the ultimate regift.

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